Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Friday News September 14th

5thGrade Buddies!

Ava, Maya, and Sarah came to Room 1B this    morning. They helped us with check in. They did jobs with us. They helped with Math Centers. They will come back to help again.
Reporters: Kara, Hannah. 

 Something Happened at Recess!

I lost my stuffed animal. It was my hedgehog. It was important to me. I was sad. JOE FOUND IT!
Reporter: Willow


We did symphony math in Skills Lab. Julia learned 1000 + 2 is 1002. Ryan says he did not get even one wrong. In Math Workshop we built block towers. We made towers from 1 to 20. We put the towers in order. 

Reporters: Paul, Julia, Ryan, Will


 Natalie and Kara made a new obstacle course so you have to swing on the 2 bars. Ali likes playing on the purple  playground. Wyatt played Legos. Tasnim played cat. Ashlyn played with Hannah and Brazil. They played chase with Chase. Jack built a habitat. Christian had fun playing with Joey. Emillie played Princess Purple and Pink. Lots of people played games. Tanner played games. Bradley played tag. Caden played with 5thgraders. Dex played kickball with his brother Hudson. Ben played spider tag. Kaayan played baseball. 

Reporters: Natalie, Ali, Ashlyn, Bradley, Tasnim, Tanner, Emillie, Caden, Dex, Ben, Kaayan, Wyatt, Jack, Christian

Declan played ball with the 5th graders and his brother Hudson.

Monday, September 3, 2018


Welcome to 1st Grade! 
Check here on Fridays for a glimpse of 1st grade 
from your children's viewpoints.


Friday, August 17, 2018

Here is the lovely slideshow made by the students
 with the help of  Ms. Crozier highlighting penguin facts.

Friday, May 25, 2018

May 5th news

Here is a video of the 5th grade Teachers and Mr. Lee dancing in the 5th Grade Play.


Friday, April 13, 2018

Happy Vacation!

Dear Room 1B Families,

Ayehu brought lettuce for the tadpoles. Tadpoles eat water plants. The tadpoles are bigger now and they have gills. Some frog eggs were duds.

We had a scavenger hunt with our 5th grade buddies. And we had a recess with them that was very long.

We had two birthdays in our class this week. We had Tommy's summer birthday and Maya's birthday.

We planted seeds in our class today. We got them from Tommy's mom. We do not know what they are. On Tuesday we planted outside with Savannah's mom. We planted peas, radishes, and lettuce. Rafa and Caiden were planting helpers. Some kids made plants for Alona, Elena, and D.J. because they were absent.

Have a good vacation!

We planted 
in  Room 1B

We planted OUTDOORS 
in the 
Happy Hollow Garden

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Wacky Hair, Frog Spawn, and Brand New Authors' Day

Dear Room 1B Families,

Today was wacky hair day. Bo had a cupcake in her hair. It smelled good. Scarlet had pink hair. Maya had red hair like Ms. Bergeron. Lots of kids had crazy hair.

It was SO exciting. Our frog spawn came today. We are starting to learn about frogs and eggs and tadpoles. We did observations. Some will hatch next week. Some will never hatch.

We will make observations as we watch our eggs hatch, develop, and grow into frogs.

Here are the frog spawn inside their jelly eggs.

Room 1B Students are all authors! We studied a book series called the Brand New Readers. We noticed that every story is 8 pages, has a pattern, usually but not always has characters that are animals that act like people, and has a funny or surprise ending. They also are very colorful.  We wrote our own Brand New Readers. We shared them with our parents at Open House. We read them with our 5th grade Buddies at a special celebration on Friday. We read to our buddies. They read stories they wrote to us.

Have a good weekend.
Room 1B

Friday, March 23, 2018

March 16th and March 23rd

March 16th,
Dear Room 1B Families,

This week was so fun. We got sap. We went on a field trip to see how to make maple syrup. We got to taste the syrup. It was very very bitter to some students. Some students say it tasted like wood. Some children did not want to taste the syrup. Some children say it was really really sugary.

We did not have BASE on Monday. Dr. Unobskey cancelled it because it was snowing.

We had 5th grade buddies today.

Room 1B students had to leave, so we are finishing on March 23rd.

Today we got to play partner games. We get to play the games from the shelves.

This week we made sap into syrup. We boiled it. We got to taste the syrup and the sap. It overflowed. The syrup got all over the counter. The syrup had little sugar crystals in it. Some first graders will be announcing at School Meeting on Monday. Divine will be the speaker from Room 1B.

Our maple sugar breakfast is on March 29th. That is also the day of our classroom Open House.

We did not have buddies. We got new tables. We got moved around. The tables are wider and shorter.

Room 1B Kids,

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Pajama Day

Dear Room 1B Families,

Today was really, really awesome. Pajama day was so fun. We got to bring our stuffed lovies to school. And it was indoor recess. We got to do everything with our stuffies. It was so fun having Pajama day. Some people didn't have stuffies. But Bo shared with Elena because she had two. Levar shared with D.J.  Sean shared with Alona even though she had her own. We got to hang out with our stuffies after check in and just play with them.

On Tuesday we tapped the maple sugar tree. We got to taste the sap. All of the classes share the sap. Ms. O'Brien's class got 35 cups. Ms. Weig's class got zero because the bucket fell on Nico. And we got zero cups because it was raining too hard to check. Alona and her brother are both going to be in school meeting. We will talk about maple sugaring to the whole school.

Here is Mr. Hernandez tapping our tree on Tuesday morning.

And here we are tasting the sap!


It was sooooooo hot out we did not have to wear coats this week. All the days were sunny and warm except for Friday. On Friday it rained and rained and rained and rained. We did not get to go outside for recess.

We did not have 5th grade buddies. They were too busy today. We did have extra calm down cool down.

There goes group 1! Time to say goodbye!

Room 1B Kids

We almost forgot! We had a concert of drumming music from different parts of Africa on Monday. Ms. Thompson and Mr. Donaldson and Mr. Rockwell all played the drums!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dear Room 1B Friends,

We are sorry you are all sick. We hope you get better soon. Today we learned how to do Osmo Numbers. We will teach you when you get back after vacation.

We learned more about the Olympics with our buddies. Jacob Choi's mom made a slide show for us. The Choi family is Korean. They have friends and family in South Korea and so Ms. Choi knows a lot about it. Here is the slide show so you can see it too. Just click on the word "Present" in the top right corner. South Korea/Winter Olympics2018

[ Here is a link to the Room 1B Winter Olympics page of videos, songs, stories, and highlights.]
Then we played Messy Backyard.

We had regular work today for Math RTI and for Independent Reading and for Reading Workshop.

We learned how to draw Piggie and Gerald. Here are the directions.

Gerald --------------------------------------->

<----------------------------  Piggie

There were 8 people here today, but then one more got sick and we only had 7. It feels a little bit weird and a little bit fine to have so few kids here at school.

Have a happy Chinese New Year. It is the year of the Dog.

And have a good vacation. We will see you in a week!

Tommy, Jake, Caiden, Bo, Will, DJ, Savannah, and Ms. B. and Ms. T.

πŸ’€πŸ˜€πŸ’€πŸ’˜πŸ’” (broken heart because we miss you.)πŸ˜ŽπŸ’€