Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dear Room 1B Friends,

We are sorry you are all sick. We hope you get better soon. Today we learned how to do Osmo Numbers. We will teach you when you get back after vacation.

We learned more about the Olympics with our buddies. Jacob Choi's mom made a slide show for us. The Choi family is Korean. They have friends and family in South Korea and so Ms. Choi knows a lot about it. Here is the slide show so you can see it too. Just click on the word "Present" in the top right corner. South Korea/Winter Olympics2018

[ Here is a link to the Room 1B Winter Olympics page of videos, songs, stories, and highlights.]
Then we played Messy Backyard.

We had regular work today for Math RTI and for Independent Reading and for Reading Workshop.

We learned how to draw Piggie and Gerald. Here are the directions.

Gerald --------------------------------------->

<----------------------------  Piggie

There were 8 people here today, but then one more got sick and we only had 7. It feels a little bit weird and a little bit fine to have so few kids here at school.

Have a happy Chinese New Year. It is the year of the Dog.

And have a good vacation. We will see you in a week!

Tommy, Jake, Caiden, Bo, Will, DJ, Savannah, and Ms. B. and Ms. T.

💤😀💀💘💔 (broken heart because we miss you.)😎💤


  1. Hope everyone's healthy now and enjoying this beautiful spring-like weather.

    Jacob's Mommy

  2. What a fun week you had! I have never tasted sap from a maple tree. I wonder does it taste sweet?

    Savannah’s mom


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