Friday, March 23, 2018

March 16th and March 23rd

March 16th,
Dear Room 1B Families,

This week was so fun. We got sap. We went on a field trip to see how to make maple syrup. We got to taste the syrup. It was very very bitter to some students. Some students say it tasted like wood. Some children did not want to taste the syrup. Some children say it was really really sugary.

We did not have BASE on Monday. Dr. Unobskey cancelled it because it was snowing.

We had 5th grade buddies today.

Room 1B students had to leave, so we are finishing on March 23rd.

Today we got to play partner games. We get to play the games from the shelves.

This week we made sap into syrup. We boiled it. We got to taste the syrup and the sap. It overflowed. The syrup got all over the counter. The syrup had little sugar crystals in it. Some first graders will be announcing at School Meeting on Monday. Divine will be the speaker from Room 1B.

Our maple sugar breakfast is on March 29th. That is also the day of our classroom Open House.

We did not have buddies. We got new tables. We got moved around. The tables are wider and shorter.

Room 1B Kids,

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