Friday, April 13, 2018

Happy Vacation!

Dear Room 1B Families,

Ayehu brought lettuce for the tadpoles. Tadpoles eat water plants. The tadpoles are bigger now and they have gills. Some frog eggs were duds.

We had a scavenger hunt with our 5th grade buddies. And we had a recess with them that was very long.

We had two birthdays in our class this week. We had Tommy's summer birthday and Maya's birthday.

We planted seeds in our class today. We got them from Tommy's mom. We do not know what they are. On Tuesday we planted outside with Savannah's mom. We planted peas, radishes, and lettuce. Rafa and Caiden were planting helpers. Some kids made plants for Alona, Elena, and D.J. because they were absent.

Have a good vacation!

We planted 
in  Room 1B

We planted OUTDOORS 
in the 
Happy Hollow Garden

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