Sunday, April 8, 2018

Wacky Hair, Frog Spawn, and Brand New Authors' Day

Dear Room 1B Families,

Today was wacky hair day. Bo had a cupcake in her hair. It smelled good. Scarlet had pink hair. Maya had red hair like Ms. Bergeron. Lots of kids had crazy hair.

It was SO exciting. Our frog spawn came today. We are starting to learn about frogs and eggs and tadpoles. We did observations. Some will hatch next week. Some will never hatch.

We will make observations as we watch our eggs hatch, develop, and grow into frogs.

Here are the frog spawn inside their jelly eggs.

Room 1B Students are all authors! We studied a book series called the Brand New Readers. We noticed that every story is 8 pages, has a pattern, usually but not always has characters that are animals that act like people, and has a funny or surprise ending. They also are very colorful.  We wrote our own Brand New Readers. We shared them with our parents at Open House. We read them with our 5th grade Buddies at a special celebration on Friday. We read to our buddies. They read stories they wrote to us.

Have a good weekend.
Room 1B

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