2018 Olympics!

 We are SO lucky to have the Winter Olympics happening this year. They only happen every 4 years. That means we won't get to see the Winter Olympics again until Room 1B kids are in 5th grade! (Because 1 + 4 = 5)

Ms. Thompson has been sharing a lot of pictures and stories from the Olympics each day. We are so proud of all of our athletes. Jacob Ch. is extra excited because his ancestors come from Korea and this year the Olympics are in Korea! Other students are excited too because we have so many world heritages. We have students who have family members who originally came from Russia, China, Ethiopia, Puerto Rico, Germany, Switzerland, Virgin Islands, England, Italy, and many other countries in the world. It is so awesome to watch their top athletes competing at the Olympics.

The Pyeonchang Olympics have two mascots. They are Soohorang the white tiger for the Olympics and Banabi the Asiatic bear for the Paralympics. White tigers traditionally represent the shape of the Korean peninsula and are considered a sacred guardian. They are the color of ice and snow for the winter olympic events. The Asiatic bear represents strong will and courage.  Both animals are found throughout Korean folklore and culture. Here is a video introducing the mascots:

Here are video highlights, stories, songs, and information all about the Winter Olympics:

Here is a video that shows how much the Olympics have changed in the past 100 years and why athletes keep getting better and better.